Tuesday Night Life Group:


Type of Materials: We use a mixture of different materials. We have done DVD studies, book studies and doing chapter studies where we just read a book of the bible and discuss.

Current Study: On break for the summer

When and Where: We meet every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, at 6:45pm at the church.

Typical Life Group Meeting: Our meeting starts with a Prayer and Praise time. We take the time to discuss issues that affect us and ask each other to pray for one another throughout the weeks. We then get into the study and finish with a prayer. We are usually finished by 8:15 or 8:30.

Goal / Vision / Purpose: Our goal is to help one another, to encourage each other, to be in the word and to be in fellowship with God. We also try to be a “bible doing” group in which we find opportunities to help someone out who may need a hand.

For more information, contact:
Jon McKinney – 262-492-9711 / jonmckinney1@gmail.com
Scott Hall – 262-206-9326 / shall@echolakefoods.com